Get the most out of your Whole-House Audio Distribution System with Multiple Zones and Touch-Screen controls.


Want to be able to listen to your iPod throughout your home? Want to listen to music on your deck or around your pool? Would you like to listen to your favorite TV show in the bathroom while you get ready for work in the morning? All of this and more is available to you with a properly designed and installed Whole-House Audio Distribution System. 


We can help you by designing a system that complements your lifestyle. From a single zone system with Volume controls to a multiple zone system with color touch screens, we will work with you to design a system that fits your needs and budget. Call or email us today for a free quote or read on for more details on the different types of systems:


Whole house audio systems are systems that distribute sound to some or all rooms in your home. You can either distribute the sound through speakers mounted in the walls or ceilings, or to jacks on the wall which allow you to connect your own speakers. When you design a whole house audio system, you need to think about how many zones you want to have in your home. In a single zone system, the whole house must listen to the same source (CD, Tape, FM/XM radio, iPod, ETC.). In a multiple zone system, you could be listening to the CD player in one area of your home, and the iPod or Tuner in another part of the house.

adi ws-006 in wall speakers installed in a dining room wall 
ADI WS-006 In-Wall speakers installed in a dining room wall

There Are Basically Three Types of Systems:


 Basic Audio Distribution System With A Single Zone


In this system, you would typically use your existing amplifier or receiver and connect the house system to the “B” outputs. This assumes that you have a powerful receiver that can drive the whole house system. If not, we would add a separate amplifier. Then you would put speakers and volume controls in each room. If you attach multiple pairs of speakers to your amplifier, you run the risk of overloading and damaging your amplifier. So, we install “Impedance matching” volume controls to compensate for the multiple pairs of speakers, and present a safe 8-ohm load to your amplifier. We would use our own in-wall speakers (WS-006, WS-R800 or WS-SQ800) or speakers from other manufacturers and an impedance matching volume control from companies like Russound or Niles Audio. Keep in mind that every room in the house has to listen to the same source. If you want to be able to turn off the sound to some parts of the house, then you would add a speaker selector box to this system. This product is made by either Russound or Niles Audio, and will add around $200.00 to the project.

 elan impedance matching volume control
Russound impedance matching volume control

 Basic Audio Distribution System With a Single Zone & Infrared Control (IR)


If you want to be able to control the CD player, iPod, and VCR from any room in your home, you can add an Infrared (IR) repeater system. This system adds an IR receiver in each room, which picks up the IR signals from your remote control and converts them into electrical pulses. The electrical pulses are sent over wiring to your main stereo cabinet, where they are turned back into IR and injected into the component that you want to control. So, from the bedroom, you can change to the next song on the CD player that is located in the living room! We use products from companies like Xantech and Elan to accomplish this task. As far as remote controls, you could carry the original remote with you, or you could buy a universal remote control for each room that has infrared control capabilities.

 elan volume control and elan ir repeater
Elan volume control and Elan IR repeater

 Distributed System With Multiple Zones and Control


If you want to be able to simultaneously listen to the CD player in one part of your home, and the tuner in another part of the house, then you need a multiple zone system. With this type of system, you will connect all of your sources to a central control unit. This control unit will distribute your CD, Tuner, iPod, VCR, Etc. to a multiple channel amplifier that will feed speakers in every room in your home. In each room, instead of a volume control, you will have a keypad, touch screen, iPod, iPhone, iPad or Droid. These devices will have buttons that allow you to control all of the components in the system and adjust the volume.


elan z-series keypad 
Elan Z-Series Keypad
Control4 7 inch Wireless Touch Screen Controller

You can select which source you want to listen to (Tape, CD, VCR, iPod, tuner), control the function (Play-Stop-Next Track), adjust the volume, bass and treble, or turn the system off. Since a keypad or touch screen is mounted in each room, you don’t have to worry about where you left the remote control! At ADI, we proudly install systems from Control4. Some of the features of this system include:

  • Whole house audio and video distribution 

  • Doorbell sounds over the installed speakers
  • Music mutes when the doorbell sounds
  • Talk to people at the door
  • Multiple zones
  • Control the system from your Personal Computer
  • Control the system from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Droid
  • View Security cameras
  • Control Lighting and Thermostats
  • Raise/lower shades
  • Lock/unlock the front door
  • Keypads/ touch screens with IR receivers in each zone:  
  1. Adjust volume in each zone
  2. Adjust bass and treble in each zone
  3. Mute each zone
  4. Select which source you want to listen to in each zone
  5. LED’s show you which source is playing
  6. Control all functions of each source
  7. Turn on/off each zone or the whole house (all zones)