HVAC Control can simplify your life. 

With HVAC control, you can turn up/down the heating/AC from a touch screen controller, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android or from your computer over the Internet! When you go to bed, hit one button labeled "Good Night" and the HVAC system is turned down, the lights are turned off, and the alarm system is armed.

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Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) control can be as simple as an electronic thermostat that turns the heat up in the morning and down at night. What we are talking about here is being able to control the HVAC system from a touch screen controller or remotely over the Internet using a standard web browser. In order to do this, we would use a "Smart" thermostat that is RS-232 controllable or wireless. We use Thermostats from Aprilaire, or Control4. Aprilaire now makes one for Control4 and they are wireless so they work well in retrofit applications where running a Cat5 cable would be difficult. Once the system is in place, you can control the HVAC system from anywhere! Want to turn up the heat as you leave work so the house is warm when you get home? Forget to turn the heat down when you went upstairs for bed? No problem! Just use the touch screen controller by your bed to adjust it. The Control4 Thermostat below also has time scheduling built in so you can have the Heat or AC adjust automatically at certain times everyday.



Control4 Wireless Thermostat can be controlled from a Touch Screen, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Droid or over the Internet!