Is your home wired for the future?

A properly designed and installed Structured Wiring system will ensure that any systems you want to install in the future, will have the proper wiring available. Having to install wiring once your home is completed is a difficult and expensive task. We recommend that you wire for everything while the house is being built. If your home is already built and does not have a Structured Wiring system, don't worry, there are options.

We can help you decide what is right for you. Call or email us today for a free quote or read on for more details:

structured wiring 
A properly installed and terminated Structured Wiring System installed by ADI


Structured Wiring

So what is Structured Wiring? Although the term means different things to different people, here are some definitions I found elsewhere on the Web:

  • A means to distributing services and technologies around a home over a network of built-in cables.
  • A planned wiring method by which all services (phone, data, television, music, and security) originate from a central location or hub.
  • A planned cabling system which systematically lays out the wiring and wire management necessary for communications, including voice, data, and video.

All are correct and say basically the same thing. It's all about a properly designed and installed wiring system. As you can see from the picture above, we take wiring very seriously here at ADI. We have seen our competitors tack a piece of plywood on the wall with some devices screwed to it! In a million dollar home! This is not an acceptable practice to us and should not be to you either!


The design and installation of the wiring system is only one part of the Structured Wiring System. The other part is the wiring itself. Once again we are on top of our competitors by using only the highest quality cables as follows:

  • Audio CablingWe run 14 gauge or 16 gauge cabling, depending on your budget from the main audio cabinet or mechanical room to every speaker or volume control location.
  • TV/Cable/Satellite CablingWe run RG-6 quad shielded coax cables from every TV location back to the mechanical room. RG-6 quad shielded cable has the best noise rejection and low signal loss.
  • Phone CablingCat3 cable is still being used by some of our competitors, but we are use Cat5e cable as it is a much better performing cable. We run Cat5e from each phone location to the mechanical room.
  • Network CablingWe run a Cat5e cable from each location to the mechanical room where it is terminated with a RJ-45 end to plug directly into a switch, or in to a RJ-45 patch panel, if that is your preference.
  • Alarm Cabling22 gauge 4 conductor cabling is run from the mechanical room to all alarm sensor locations.
  • Home Theater Cabling—We use 14 gauge wire as our standard Home Theater speaker wiring. We can use 16 gauge or larger if you'd like. We also use premium audio/video Home Theater cables for connecting components.


All of the above cables can be terminated in to a wall mounted wiring panel in the mechanical room. This makes for a clean installation, easier to service in the future if needed.

What about an existing home?

If your home was built without a structured wiring system don't worry, there are some options:

- We can still run cables as described above. If the basement is unfinished, that will make it much easier.

- Depending on what you want to do, wireless could be an option. Alarm Systems, Computer Networking, Phones and Automation/control all have good wireless alternatives. The best way to know for sure is to have us come out and go over all of the options with you. We can do a free quote for you!