ADI can calibrate your Audio system so that you get the most from your Home Theater investment.

If you live in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, we can send a Certified Professional to your home to perform the calibration. ADI is Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) certified for doing Audio Calibrations. This means that we have the test equipment, training and experience to properly calibrate your surround system to industry standards.

Call us today to set up an appointment or read on for more information:

Audio Calibration

So you spend your hard earned money on a Home Theater Surround system. Why not get the most out of it by having it professionally calibrated? For $149.00 an HAA trained professional will come to your home with a $3500.00 audio meter. Using this meter, we will check the following:

  • Levels--We will check to make sure that the levels or Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of all 5 or 7 channels are properly matched 
  • Phasing--We will check to make sure that all 5 or 7 speakers are connected in phase with each other
  • Distance--We will set the distance on all 5 or 7 speakers

Frequency Response: Using the Real Time Analyzer (RTA) feature of our audio meter, we will check for major peaks or valleys in the frequency response of your system. If we find problems, we will make recommendations on how to improve them. Many times, simply moving a speaker, changing the Subwoofer crossover point or moving a piece of furniture will drastically improve frequency anomalies.