Do you need a Projector or Flat Screen TV mounted in your Home?

ADI has the parts and experience to make it happen. From motorized mounts to zero clearance mounts to swivel mounts. From static to drop down motorized screens, ADI can make your Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom or Theater come alive!

ADI can provide the equipment for you or just install the equipment you already have. Call us today for a free quote or read on for more information.

Flat Screen Installation

Flat screen displays (LCD, Plasma, Etc.) have come down in price and are very flexible in their design and functions. Usually they come with a stand so if you have a table or shelve to put them on or a cabinet to put them in, you are all set. But if you want to mount the flat screen TV on the wall, then you must purchase some type of mount. There are many different options here and ADI has done the research for you! We use mounts from companies like Chief Manufacturing and Sanus Systems. Here are some of the different mounting options: 

  • Standard Mount--A standard mount is the cheapest option but will make the TV stand off of the wall 4+ inches. Some will allow you to tilt the TV up or down a few degrees.
  • Zero Clearance Mount--Some newer "zero clearance" mounts actually recess in to the wall so that the flat panel display sits flush on the wall.
  • Swivel Mount--A swivel mount allows you to turn or swivel the TV in to different directions. For example, let's say you have a Kitchen and dining room that are separated by a half wall. Using a Swivel mount, you could install an LCD or Plasma TV and turn it based on which room was being used.

    Plasma TV on a Swivel Mount so that it can be

    turned and viewed from the living room or bar area.

  • Cantilever Mount--A Cantilever mount mounts on the wall, but allows you to pull the TV forward and turn it to the right or left for better viewing. So it can either be up against the wall, or pulled out and turned in either direction.
  • Motorized Mounts--Motorized mounts are available in a variety of configurations. A wall mounted display can come forward and swivel with the touch of a button. The display could come down from the ceiling or up out of a cabinet. These options and more are available today!

    Projector Installation

    There are many options in projectors, but most likely you will use an LCD or DLP projector. These projectors are cheap, lightweight and have very good picture quality. There are many options in mounting the projector, but usually you will mount it to the ceiling. There are mounts that will mount the projector flush to the ceiling, or if it is a high ceiling, then you may need an adjustable mount so you can drop the projector down to better match the screen position. Finally, you may choose a motorized mount so that the projector drops down from the ceiling with the push of a button!

    Projector Screen Installation

    There are many options here too. There are some companies making specialized paints that allow you to paint a screen on the wall. While the picture quality is not as good as using a real screen, the price is right at around $150.00 for the paint.

    Screens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and are either fixed or motorized. A fixed screen is just hung on the wall like a giant picture. With a motorized screen, a touch of a button and the screen deploys from the ceiling. If you are using an automation system, a touch of a button could deploy the screen, turn on the projector, close the shades, turn on the air conditioning and adjust the lighting!