Is 3D TV for Real?

There is a lot of hype around 3D TV coming from the major TV manufacturers. But is it for real? The short answer is yes, but of course there are many things to consider here.

3D Basics:
3D content is filmed using a special camera that has two lenses that are roughly the same distance apart as your eyes are. Then the two images are alternately displayed on a 3D TV to make up each frame. By wearing special glasses that are synced to the TV, the left eye only sees the left image and right eye only sees the right image. These are active glasses (so battery powered not those dumb red/green plastic things) that talk wirelessly to the TV or Blu-ray player.

3D Content:
You can find 3D content on Blu-ray Discs or on DirecTV Satellite. And of course your Blu-ray player has to be 3D capable in order to play a 3D movie. There isn’t a ton of content right now but more is coming shortly.

3D TVs:
Currently, Panasonic and Samsung are leading the way with LCD/LED and Plasma 3D TVs available right now. There are many Projector models available also. Samsung is the only one that has TVs that will convert 2D content to 3D. So you can watch your favorite movie, TV show or sporting events in 3D! Although it is not as impressive as native 3D content, it is still a great effect. 

3D Blu-ray Players:
As I said before, your Blu-rau player will have to be 3D capable. It will also have to be connected to your 3D TV via an HDMI cable. And 3D brings in a new version of HDMI (1.4) so that means that if your current receiver is doing HDMI switching, that probably won't work anymore since most receivers only support HDMI 1.3a..

Still confused about 3D TVs? ADI can make it all easy for you. We have a 63” 3D Plasma set up in our showroom. Call us today to setup an appointment for a demo!

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