Would you like to use your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android to control your home? If your answer is yes, we can make it happen for you!

Pretty much all of the vendors we work with have iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Droid interfaces that make it easy to control your Home Theater, Whole House music system, Lights, Thermostats and more.

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Companies like Request and Control4 make it easy to use your iPad, iPhone or iTouch to control all or parts of your home. For example Request allows you to control your library of music and MP3s with a nice familiar interface. Control4 allows you to control your whole home if you so desire! Most manufacturers supply the software for free, while some charge a small fee. Of course you have to have a Control4 system in place to use their iPad, iTouch, iPhone or Android interface. But since Control4 uses wireless technology, it works well in both new construction or retrofit applications! Here is a picture of the Control4 interface for the iPhone:



 With an iPad,  iPhone, iPod Touch or Droid and the Control4 application, you can control some or all of the following:

  • Your Home Theater
  • Your whole house audio system including AM/FM/XM radio, iPod and more!
  • Lighting
  • Raise/lower your shades
  • Adjust Thermostats
  • Arm/disarm the alarm system
  • Lock/unlock your doors
  • View the security cameras in this home and at your second home, vacation home or cabin
  • Check your energy usage