ADI- Serving the Twin Cities since 1989

ADI was founded in 1989 by Kelly Driscoll and he is still the CEO today. ADI started as a manufacturer and installer of automotive subwoofers. Our innovative designs of compound loaded subwoofers allowed deep bass in a small box. We still specialize today in the design and installation of Subwoofers that are hidden in walls or floors. We still manufacture a line of woofers. This allows us to keep the quality high and prices low. See speakers for more information and specifications.

In the early 90s we saw a void in that there were no companies doing high quality home audio installations in the Twin Cities. We started doing Home Theater and Whole House Audio Systems and were growing very quickly. As our customers asked us to do other technology installations, we would research and add them to our portfolio. So in 1993 we added Security Systems to our list of product installations. Many of our competitors stay away from security installations due to the high insurance premiums that are required. But we feel that security is a fundamental part of any home installation, so we just deal with the high premiums.

In 1995 we started doing Structured Wiring for Voice/Video/Data Networking. In 1996 we added Central Vacuum Systems. 1998 brought Lighting and HVAC Control and in 1999 we started doing Surveillance Cameras and remote web based access.

In 2000, we did our first Commercial Installation and today about 25% of our jobs are in the Commercial space. We have repaired systems where our competitors couldn't find the problem!

In the early 2005 we added iPod integration in to your home system. 2007 brought iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Droid control solutions.

In 2010 we added Energy Management so you can monitor your electricity usage.

The whole time we have been focused on Customer Service. Even today, 85% of our business comes from referrals. Customers and Builders love working with us because we always think of the customer first. I know all companies say they are good at Customer Service, but we live it everyday. How many companies do you know that put their current Customer Satisfaction rating right on their Web Site Home Page?

Our customer list includes Professional Athletes, Business owners/CEOs, and professionals from many industries. No matter what your occupation or background, you have our personal guarantee that your experience with ADI will be a great one!


The Audio Design Innovations, Inc. Staff