ADI has a Referral Program that is easy and profitable for you.

Many of our customers have taken advantage of this program. It works like this: Refer a friend, family member or neighbor and we will either give you a credit to use with us or cash up to $1000.00!


Referral fee is based on 1% of the total system price. Minimum invoice price must be over $500.00 ($5.00 referral fee). Maximum system price $100,000.00. Anything $100,000.00 or over gets you a $1000.00 referral fee. Referral must be registered by phone or email within 7 days of our first customer contact. Not valid with other programs or discounts.


Your friend or neighbor wants to put in a $10,000.00 Home Theater or automation system. Refer them to us and you would get $100.00 cash or an ADI credit! All you have to do is contact us via phone or email with the referral name, or have them contact us directly and mention your name. It’s that easy!