Wouldn't it be nice to be able to raise and lower your window blinds with the touch of a button? How about having them go down automatically every day to block the sun?

All of this and more is available using motorized shades or blinds. When combined with a whole house automation system, a touch of a button on a handheld remote, keypad, touchscreen, iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android can set the lighting scene, lower the shades, and turn on your favorite music throughout your home!

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Motorized shades from companies like Lutron, Mechoshade and Somfy provide you convenience and can save you money by lowering automatically so that the sun doesn't damage floor covering and furniture. Many systems will come with a small wireless remote and some will allow you to control them from an automation system. So from a touchscreen you can lower or raise a single shade or a "scene" can be defined. Using scenes you could have all of the shades in one room raise or lower together or some stop halfway down if you want. Motorized shades will come in a variety of colors and styles and you can even provide your own fabric if you want to match some existing blinds.