Do you need audio or a TV around your pool,  or on your patio or deck? How about a water proof remote control so you can adjust audio or lighting while you are in the pool or hot tub?

All of this and more is available from ADI. Call or email us today for a free quote or read on for more information.


Families are spending more time at home and hanging out by the pool or on the deck or patio is a popular activity. We have done the research and can install audio, video and control products so that your audio and video experience is extended to the great outdoors. Here are some of the systems we can install for you:

  • Audio-- Being able to listen to your favorite music outside is a great experience. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, there are many different options. For a deck or patio, weatherproof speakers can be mounted on the side of the house to cover the area. Or there are many options that will sit on the ground around the area or around your pool. Some options here would be speakers that look like a rock, a tree stump, or small omni-directional speakers. There are also wireless options. Some even have built in low voltage lighting! See Whole-House Audio for more information.



Niles Outdoor Speaker Painted To Match The House

  • Video-- Do you want to watch a movie or a sporting event out on your deck or patio? This is available today by companies that make waterproof flat panel TVs. One company I just saw at a trade show had a waterfall pouring over the TV to show how waterproof it really is! Want a bigger picture? We can install a waterproof screen and a projector!
  • Lighting-- Low voltage landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting can be controlled so it will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. See Lighting Control for more information.
  • Computer Networking-- Why not be able to surf the Internet while you are enjoying your backyard deck or patio? With wireless networking that is possible. See Computer Networking for more information.
  • Control--Keypads or Touchscreens can be installed outside but tend to fail more often due to the harsh environment. So there are companies like RTI that make waterproof remotes. Another option is to use wireless technologies for control. So on your way outside you would pick up a wireless remote or touchscreen and use that to control the system. You can also use your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android device or laptop to control the system!